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What would it take to radically share the gospel?

“They beat the apostles and charged them not to speak in the name of Jesus, and let them go.

Then they left the presence of the council,


that they were counted worthy to suffer dishonor for the name.

And every day in the temple and from house to house,

they did not cease teaching and preaching Jesus as the Christ.”

Acts 5:40-42

What would it take for us to rejoice in suffering for the name of Christ?

How can we learn to find honor in being counted WORTHY of such suffering on His behalf?

By the way that we live our lives, are we even worthy of suffering dishonor for His name?


I read this passage again this morning, and it made me wonder, “Am I waiting for some event to happen in order for me to proclaim the Gospel from every rooftop? What am I waiting for?”

We can share the Gospel in between our friends and smile at the latest realizations we’ve had.  That’s great, but where is the daring courage to reach those that don’t know Him yet?

“For if you love those who love you, what reward do you have?”

Matthew 5:46

God has placed us on this earth to share His love with everyone around.  We should love them through living as an example of the love that Christ has for them.  Forget about our reward, but what others’ rewards.  Will you help them see their reward of heaven through believing?

The question for you today is this: “What would it take for me to love others through a contagious and compelling necessity to share the Gospel?”

What would it take for me to radically share the gospel?


Priorities: Judas or John and a Bracket of Life’s Face-offs

Priorities.  We all have them.  Since we all have them, that means we also struggle with them.  My priorities often end up as a bracket full of face-offs.  Studying for organic chemistry versus nutrition public policy.  Journaling versus taking notes.  Blogging versus studying.  Going to the meeting or going to dinner with friends.  Walking to class versus driving.  Dating or friendship.

We face these priorities all the time, and whether or not we know it, we are constantly putting them in a bracket.  What happens when God comes into the equation, though?  What happens when God knocks on your heart’s door and asks,

“My priorities or your priorities?

My will or your will?

Suffering for the glory of My Son or suffering for comfort of your future career?

My blessing or the world’s blessing?”

God tells us to love through our actions (1 John 3:18).  In this way, choosing our priorities is an action, and we show love through how we prioritize our day.  When we choose God’s priorities, we show that we love Him more than we love ourselves.

Regardless of how we choose our priorities, though, we will ultimately carry out God’s purposes.  C.S. Lewis explained this statement best in his book The Problem of Pain when he said,

“You will certainly carry out God’s purpose, however you act,

but it makes a difference to you whether you serve like

Judas or John.”

Today, click on the picture of the bracket and fill it with the priorities of your life.  Be realistic in how you fill it out.  After finishing your bracket, ask yourself, How am I carrying out God’s purpose with my life?

Am I Judas orJohn?